You've got mail! 
Don't you love when you open your mailbox and see a surprise piece of mail just waiting for you to open!  We LOVE that feeling too and believe everyone should get fun pieces of mail and have the stationery to write one too. 

Written in Style boxes are the perfect way to update your boring note cards and pens with something STYLISH! 

Written in Style box 3 .... kid's Santa Box!


Shh...Santa is coming!  

We decided to let the kids have some stationery fun this month!
With the holidays coming we want them to enjoy a fun
Santa Box!

Each box will include all of the items below:

North Pole "Elf is Watching" ornament
Paper Cup, Hot Chocolate, and Straw
Coloring Sheets with Stickers
Letter to Santa with Special Delivery Envelope

Pencil with Eraser Topper
Custom Sugar Cookie to Paint by Delicious Designs

$25 ---Pick up at our Reno Studio the week of November 27th.


Some of our previous boxes!